Chapter Eight: The Artistry of Dentistry | New York, NY

Georg Simmel said it best when he wrote, “There is no other structure like the human face which merges such a great variety of shapes, and surfaces into an absolute unity of meaning.” After all, the anatomy or our beauty is directly linked to science – because we are natural beings. Leonardo da Vinci proves this with his famous drawing Homo ad circulum and carries it forward by creating one of the world’s most famous smiles on the Mona Lisa. That said, aesthetic dentistry seems to be the dental way to enhance a typical face with cosmetic dental procedures.

In Dr. Larry Rosenthal’s eyes, the smile is a stage. And thus, he looks at a patient’s smile in a bigger picture. It isn’t simply the teeth showing, but how the face contours that smile and how each facial feature combines to create a complete “masterpiece”.

In this chapter, we learn how to create a larger canvas of a patient’s face in order to design a more aesthetically pleasing look. He breaks down the various areas, from the horizontal divisions of the face, inter-pupillary line and facial midline. Based on what these lines dictate will help your dental professional figure out the proper treatment program to give you, not only a fixed smile, but the best smile for your face.

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