Chapter Eighteen: The Virtual Dentist

It almost feels like a scene in a movie – you now have the ability for technology to let health professionals know something is wrong with your remotely. It seems unbelievable, but sensors and “smart pills” have now come into play as an actual healthcare option. Imagine that? But how can we get it into our dental health needs? In this chapter, Dr. Rosenthal talks about the various ways dental technology is constantly monitoring in order to improve patient care, even remotely.

Telemedicine platforms. Let’s face it – the internet isn’t going anywhere. But one of the more brilliant uses of it are the communication systems developed in order to improve treatment plans. There is no I in team, so why not pull all of the resources available to give your patients the best treatment possible?

Digital interface. The ability to communicate with the laboratories creating their patient’s restorations not only improves the natural look of the patient’s teeth but can also make tracking these packages easier. Combine that with 3-D prosthetic development and we have the ideal product for our patient.

Mobile devices with video. Being able to video chat with your dentist when something is amiss is not only a benefit to the patient, but also for the doctor. It is an instant way to ease a patient’s fears and instruct aide until they can be seen live.

Crowdsourcing via citizen sensing and social media. Each one, teach one is a motto we should all believe in, especially with the development of the internet. We can now reach out to anyone who can help and that is a comforting thought. Sharing knowledge is key to progress. Together we are stronger.

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