Chapter Twenty: Competence, Confidence, and Control | New York, NY

When a patient looks for a new dental professional, oftentimes they don’t exactly know what they are looking for. Each has a specific need and requirement but choosing the correct fit can be daunting and overwhelming. They all want to be taken care of properly, but because it is difficult to know if this is possible, they tend to choose the most confident dentist.

As a dental professional, it’s important to realize that we walk a fine line between confidence and cocky, so it is important to be up front and honest about your capabilities. Don’t mislead your patients into thinking you can do a certain procedure if you are unfamiliar. Claiming you are confident in things you haven’t experienced much of will only affect their experiences with you.

It is also important to be able to pivot, as no two patients are alike. There are always basics to follow, but not all smiles can be treated the same. Be able to change treatment options to suit the patient and be confident enough to tell a patient a certain treatment option isn’t the right one for them. If you aren’t the dental professional for them, tell them.

Patients need to feel a sense of control in a scary situation, so have the confidence to be able to present what you can confidently provide to your patients.

Let them be a part of the process. Tell them what to expect and answer any questions they have with certain facts and calming poise.

In addition, having a confident, capable staff is just as important as how you present yourself. Pick your dream team, make each other the best and give your patients an experience that will keep them coming back.

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Chapter Nineteen: The Art of Endearment | New York, NY

When you think about success, you rarely think beyond the monetary edge to it. Success turns into materialistic things, and less about the internal successes one gains from working hard and becoming successful in their craft. Unfortunately, this ideology makes our successes not as fulfilling. So, what is success? Positivity. Not only within us but sharing this positivity to everyone in their world.

This chapter has been dedicated to the various ways you can gain a solid foundation to a rewarding life. Because if you aren’t happy, it is important that you figure out why. Many times, our focus is on the wrong things. According to Dr. Rosenthal, there are ten simple steps to gaining this internal knowledge that can not only keep yourself positive throughout life but will keep your relationships positive as well.

  • Control your own destiny
  • Pursue excellence
  • Be positive, no matter what
  • Be open to constructive criticism
  • Promote the other people in the room
  • Be as helpful as you can
  • Steer clear of negativity
  • Encourage people’s hopes and dreams
  • It’s about giving, not about getting
  • Point out the greatness in others

As you can see, gaining a rewarding life doesn’t have anything to do with objects or money – it has more to do with your own internal positivity and how you spread those good tidings to those around you. It’s basically the golden rule: Do unto other as you’d have them do unto you. It’s just that simple. “Attitude is a choice. I choose to be positive, respectful, excited about what I do, and constructive when giving feedback.”

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