Chapter Two: Myths, Deceptions and Misconceptions | New York, NY

If you ask anyone if they enjoy going to the dentist, chances are the answer is going to be an astounding no. Their reasons can vary from fear of the unknown to the pain one is sure to feel due to poor dental health. In fact, dental anxiety is an actual diagnosed condition. Unfortunately, many of these fears lie within deeply held and unhealthy beliefs about oral health. In the book, Open Wider, Dr. Larry Rosenthal addresses and uproots these issues head on:

Dental visits are unpleasant. Have you been to a dental office lately? Big-screen TVs and aromatherapy are just a couple of the amenities there for you to relax and enjoy your dental experience.

Dental treatment is painful. Materials and bonding techniques are so advanced, patients are less aware that procedures are happening at all.

Teeth aren’t important features. Your teeth are not only responsible for your bite, but support the lower third of your face, affecting your overall appearance. You need to take care of all of your teeth.

Dental restorations last forever. Nothing lasts forever, and the better you care for them, the longer they’ll last.

Dentists aren’t doctors. DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. They aren’t scary like the movies say – they’re just normal people like you and me.

Dental procedures take a long time. With today’s dental advancements, basic dental procedures can be done as quickly as a pedicure or haircut.

Bad breath is diet-based. There are a few reasons you may have bad breath. If it becomes a common occurrence, it could be a health issue, like acid reflux or medication you are taking.

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