Chapter 14: Wearable Art, Wearable Technology | New York, NY

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, dental professionals need to be creative when it comes to their patients’ treatment options. Thankfully, today’s technology has given license to do be innovative with the tools they use. In this chapter, Dr. Rosenthal discusses today’s “wearable technology”.

Braces. What was traditionally metal brackets and wire, braces have taken a huge leap. Now there are lingual braces and invisible aligners to move teeth to a desired position.

Crowns. The materials used to create restorations like crowns has advanced tremendously over the years to not only provide a stronger replacement, but to make them look as natural as possible by replacing the metal previously used.

Veneers. A perfect combination of ceramic and adhesive has allowed veneers to become a leading solution for many dental issues, making them much stronger and less invasive than a crown.

Implants. Implants have improved from the traditional version because they are now more durable and biologically compatible.

Bridges. When creating bridges, it is important to secure the ends, in order to reinforce it enough to handle the pressure needed. These anchors now come in a variety of fixed and removable options.

Mouth guards. It is important to protect your mouth when doing active sports. Today’s mouthguards now have accelerometer sensors and gyro sensors to track g-force and angular velocity.

Night guards. Patients that suffer from obstructive sleep apnea need help keeping their airway open while sleeping. Night guards now have devices that keep this area clear.

Cosmeceuticals. Cosmetic dermatology rounds out the wearable technology chapter, as the topical and injectable treatments have had major innovations made to tighten, smooth and fill in aging skin issues.

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