Chapter Fifteen: The High-Tech Practice

For many people, thinking about going to the dentist leads to a bit of anxiety. The reasons behind it can vary, but for many it is the stigmas that really send chills down the spine. After all, dentists haven’t been presented to us in a kind fashion when it comes to the entertainment industry. In fact, a butcher or a barber are shown as similar occupations to the dentist, and this is what sticks in our memories. So, of course there is apprehension when it comes to keeping dental appointments.

The good news is that there really is nothing to fear about being in the dentist chair. Tons of advancements have been made to not only relax the patient, but to make a dental procedure practically painless. It’s true – what was once perceived as loud, painful drills and bleeding gums is now more assimilated to a day at the spa.

But that’s not all – the dental field has revolutionized the way we understand dental issues. We know how to improve bone growth and how periodontal bacteria attacks your gums the way they do. We have a new way to examine your mouth with 3D technology. Traditional x-rays are now a thing of the past. So, not only can our smiles be completely remade, but the process isn’t as extensive as you may be think it would be based on past experiences.

Oral surgeon Gary Ruth, DDS, sums it up nicely: “Dentistry is the only area of the medical professional that can replace missing body parts – tooth and jawbone – with something that’s stronger and better looking than the original.”

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