Chapter 9: Proactive Adolescent Health | New York, NY

You may think it’s just brushing your teeth, but many of the dental problems we face as adults can be completely prevented. Crooked teeth and bad bites are consequences we face because of the way our dental health was handled as children. As parents, we need to be proactive with our children’s smile by staying on top of dental visits and dental hygiene at home. As children, we learn from our parents and carry it on through our lives. So, as parents, we can change the cycle by teaching them to care for their smiles early.

In this chapter, we learn ten ways we can be proactive with our tiny human’s teeth. Not only will this ensure a healthy smile but will also give the keys necessary to continue to maintain that smile as they grow:

  • Take them to a pediatric dentist.
  • Allow your dentist to take advanced images of your child’s teeth and oral structures in order to spot potential problems as they develop.
  • Ask for a thorough mixed dentition evaluation at age 6-7 to determine if there is enough room for your child’s entire set of permanent teeth to come in.
  • Understand the growth pattern to stage an intervention.
  • Pay attention to your child’s breathing, both awake and asleep. Noisy breathing isn’t normal.
  • Make sure they get the correct amount of fluoride to prevent tooth decay.
  • Teach your child that dental hygiene is the same as personal hygiene.
  • Avoid sugary snacks. Replace with teeth-friendly snacks instead.
  • Remember that your child’s face will change as they grow; avoid early procedures that may be outgrown.
  • Make dental health a family affair.

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