Chapter 6: Three Levels of Care | New York, NY

As a dental professional we walk a fine line with our patients that know exactly “what they need” and cannot be convinced otherwise, and patients that have no clue what they need because all they know is that it hurts or is ugly and would like it fixed. The former is a much tougher patient because they will insist upon treatment options that may not be the best for them because “someone told them about this particular option”, and their teeth look fantastic. It is our job to figure out a way to convince them that they can trust you enough to know what is best for their smile. In this chapter, it all comes down to three levels of care – where health equals beauty:

Level one: oral health care and maintenance. Our mouths are the first line of defense for many of the illnesses and infections we encounter in our lives. And in order to keep ourselves healthy, it is important to maintain a proper level of dental hygiene and maintenance in order to keep our bodies running. Proper daily dental hygiene routine and consistent checkups will ensure that this happens.

Level two: restorative care. When it comes to restorations, it is important to discuss five key points: comfort (how the restoration feels), convenience (how long the procedure takes), durability (how long it will last with proper upkeep), affordability (and if it fits within budget) and appearance (how they feel mentally).

Level three: aesthetic care. When discussing dental treatment options, it is also important to give aesthetic options as well. The color, size and shape of the teeth themselves, how much are visible when in use and their improved overall appearance.

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