Chapter 5: The Smile Assessment | New York, NY

In the age of the selfie, it is important to many that their appearance is ready for a candid shot at a moment’s notice. We get our nails done and our hair cut on a regular basis, we find the nicest clothes we can afford to always look our best. But more important is our smiles. For most of us, we have plenty of things we would like to change.

What if you could have that smile you always dreamed of? It is important that you take a good look at what exactly you would like done so you can properly discuss an appropriate treatment plan with your dental professional. Before your initial consultation, think about these six questions:

Priorities. What would you like to accomplish? Give a basic but honest idea of what you your goals are at the end of this process.

Health. How is your health? Do you have any toothaches or irritations developing inside your mouth? Your dental health will play a part in what dental procedures are available to you.

Hygiene. How is your dental hygiene? As a reminder of the previous question, keeping your dental hygiene routines is very important.

Appearance. How do you feel about your appearance? Really take a look at your features, both facial and your smile and express your concerns.

Fear. How do you feel about visiting the dentist? While many have some type of fear of the dentist, today’s technology can relieve any concerns you may have.

Cost and convenience. What are your views of the time and money involved? Dental work can become expensive and time-consuming, depending on your particular case. Take this into consideration as well when deciding on your next step.

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