Chapter 13: The Aesthetic Dream Team | New York, NY

It’s hard to argue the saying “there’s no I in team”, because behind every success is a team of people. Think about it – in any situation, there will always be a leader, but who are they leading? They need a team and dentistry is no different. To become the best, you must surround yourself with the best, and with that comes gorgeous smiles on happy, thankful patients. In chapter 13, we take a look at eight of Dr. Rosenthal’s “dream team” and how they are an integral part of the team…

Endodontist. An endodontist specializes in the roots of teeth, so all root canal work and diseases affecting the roots of the tooth fall into their lap.

Oral surgeon. When a patient needs a tooth extracted or some type of surgery to the face, it’s time to call in the oral surgeon.

Master ceramist. It is very commonplace for dental offices to send restoration work to a master ceramist in a lab to have cosmetic appliances created according to certain specifications.

Cosmetic or plastic surgeon. A cosmetic surgeon focuses their talents solely on face and neck issues a patient may have; a plastic surgeon who doesn’t have a particular focus.

Dermatologist. At times, a patient feels so downtrodden by their skin’s appearance, they begin to neglect their dental health as well. A dermatologist will improve the skin flaws a patient may have.

TMJ surgeon. Patients with sleeping issues have a whole separate specialist that works wonders with TMJ disorder and breathing issues.

Periodontist. Before any cosmetic work is done, a patient needs healthy gums. This is where a periodontist comes in.

Orthodontist. The orthodontist is called when a patient needs help with their “mouth posture”.

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