Chapter 11: The Smile Trial | New York, NY

When investing in a major purpose, it is always nice to have a “try before you buy” test run. You test drive a vehicle; you try on an outfit – but what about surgeries? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the same options when it comes to surgery? There is one that does give you that sneak peek – dental surgery. With today’s technology, you can now test drive your smile before you buy with a trail smile.

Temporaries, or provisionals, are the templates created so a patient can see a preview of their options, and there are plenty. Color, brightness, size, shape and texture can all be realized without a single ounce of pain or inconvenience. It is a great way to show patients that may be leery about a smile makeover, just what to expect. If they don’t like a certain aspect, we change it. We are in the search of designing YOUR perfect smile.

For the first level of the trial smile, we create an intraoral mock-up. Materials are sculpted to create a visual for the patient. Resin is used to visualize the length and color of the teeth and take measurements. The second level is the shaping and sculpting of each tooth. This is where the patient can give their thoughts on the way their teeth look. The third and final level is for those patients with more difficult cases, like flared teeth. It is an easier way to adjust the tooth’s angle without moving the entire root. Experience what your new smile would feel like with a trial smile.

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