Chapter 10: The Smile Lift | New York, NY

We all fear the aging process. No one wants to get older, much less look older. But sadly, time waits for no man. As we age, our face begins to change. Our teeth begin to discolor and shift, the muscles in our face begin to lose its youthful elasticity. And as our face begins to sag, a phenomenon called facial collapse, oftentimes causing us to feel self-conscious.

When this happens, where is the first place we turn? Yes, the cosmetic surgeon. We want face-lifts and augmentations to various areas of our faces, in the hopes that we miraculously hold onto the last days of our youths. The problem is, when your procedure doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, it’s difficult to repair the damage.

This chapter discusses another option to the cosmetic surgery – a smile lift. It is likely that you’ve never heard of this dental procedure, but it can make a 50-year-old person look ten years younger with little invasive techniques or pain. Sound impossible? It’s time to make an appointment with your dental professional.

During this consultation, you will get together and design your smile. Size and color of teeth, the shape, everything is now in your hands. Afterwards you will receive what is called a trial smile as a template. This way you can take a “test drive” with your new smile. When all is perfect, your smile is created and there you have it – the smile you’ve always wanted, all yours for at least the next eight years!

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