Chapter 1: The Renaissance of Dentistry | New York, NY

Actor Josh Duhamel was once asked if he had always wanted to be an actor. Surprisingly, the answer was no – he actually wanted to become a dentist. When asked why that was the original goal, he said it was because he was very creatively inclined, and his brother was a dentist. He thought he could use his artistic talents to create beautiful smiles, while keeping his mom proud her son was a doctor. He understood that dentistry isn’t solely based on medicine. Unfortunately, his grades weren’t all that great and eventually dropped out of Minot State University before entering dental school. The rest is history.

Dr. Rosenthal had the same ideas upon entering dental school, only to be hit with the technical curriculum of anatomy, labs and preclinical work. It wasn’t anything he expected dental college to be and got frustrated with the way the dentistry industry was. They failed to recognize that dentistry is a visual art. “It is an art informed by science and technology. It is an art that drives science and technology.”

Fast forward 13 years, and Dr. Rosenthal has revolutionized the way dentistry is taught and received. Think of it as a renaissance of sorts – a revival for dentistry and the beauty that can be created by these dental advancements.

Open Wider is a book that celebrates the world of dentistry and the beauty that is created within a patient’s mouth. You’ll find yourself becoming optimistic for your next dental visit and overall health going forward. Give your lifestyle the boost it’s been looking for and get yourself a copy of Open Wider today!

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